Is “Be at the top the Search Engines” at the top of your construction business’ to do list when it comes to your Construction Marketing activities? Here are 10 construction marketing tips that will give you a head start in achieving your search engine expectations and enhance the opportunity to generate new business leads.

10 SEO Conquering Construction Marketing Tips

Stage 1 – SEO Starting Point Construction Marketing Tips

  1. Choosing an original name for your business and your products/service
    Selecting original products/services name is one of the easiest yet powerful marketing techniques a construction business can adopt to meet short and long term search engine ambitions. By adopting a unique name your construction business has the potential to achieve top of search engine results indefinitely. This approach won’t achieve top results for the generic terms your customers will be searching for, but will provide top ranking for the company name specifically. In the short term people can find the business at the top of search engines immediately and this position will continue to stabilise as the website becomes the top visited site for that specific term. There is still work to be done to capture the attention of potential customers via generic more immediately lucrative search terms, but your construction industry business will reap rewards of a unique name for years to come.
  2. Identify or Establish a Niche
    Clarifying exactly what it is that separates you business in the built environment from every other is the best point to start before focusing on the processes of achieving search engine ranking. Clear identification provides parameters for marketing messages, avoiding wasted, time, money and effort. Your business should identify a product or service they provide exceptionally well to a particular demographic and adopt that as the vocal point for search engine ambitions. Avoid the temptation to take a blanket approach, as this will drain resources, lack impact and most likely result in a poor response. There are so many business’ vying for the top position in search, it’s advisable to focus on the areas where your business can compete most effectively.
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  3. Establish who your customers are 
    Understanding the demographic of your customers, ensures any SEO initiatives are well targeted. Where are your ideal customers located? What are their job roles? These types of factors will vary drastically depending on the size of your business or whether you are a B2B or B2C company working in the construction industry sector. This initial understanding will provide a foundation for whether you are being found for the right topics in search. Accuracy is a key factor in generating valuable business leads.

Stage 2 – SEO On Web Site Marketing Tips

  1. Mobile Friendly Website
    Google’s search engines have recently taken a mobile-first approach to how they collect website data. This means they are now prioritising content from the mobile phone version of your website, instead of the desktop version to decide how to place your website in search engines. This comes in response to evidence that more people are using their smartphones to access websites and smartphone usage is now higher than laptop and desktops.
  2. Blog – write exclusive niche construction industry content
    Via an on-site blog, business’ working in the built environment can drive traffic to their website to capture potential business leads. Content should be written with the purpose of educating your visitors to attract them to your content in search engines and on social media, with subtle yet effective inclusions of your business services within the blog posts themselves. Once a visitor has landed on your website this is a perfect opportunity to capture a lead with an email pop-up or subscription field, for this website I use Hello Bar. Each post should focus on and be optimised for a specific key word or phrase related to your business.
  3. Keyword Identification for your content creation
    Even the best written blog post content won’t rank and be found in search unless it contains the key words your specific customers are searching for.  The key to search success is to be strategic in the search terms you want your business to be found for. Business’ in the construction industry may identify generic short-tail searches such as “Construction Business” as the search words they want they want to be found for. However, these search terms are hugely competitive making it hard to rank and and are not terms exclusively used to meet specific needs. This is where identifying your target customers and building a keyword strategy can be extremely effective in helping to improve search visibility. If you customers are based in Croydon Long-tail searches such as “construction business in Croydon”, whilst undoubtedly still competitive may be easier to rank. The more specific you get, the more capable your business is of being able to achieve the higher search positions, but it is important the search terms you are prioritising are even being searched at all. One of the best key word finding tools available is in Google Adwords keyword search panel. Even if you don’t actually create an Adwords campaign, it’s a good idea to go through the process of creating one to access this tool. By searching the phrase “construction business” it is possible to identify a whole range of other words that are being searched for. Creating a new post around each of these words will create new opportunities to be found by your customers and are typically easier to rank higher for than generic phrases such as “construction business”.Construction business search in adwordsAn alternative search term tool you may consider is keyword analysis tool Keywords Everywhere. Here is an example of alternate searches for “small construction company near me”.Small business near me Keywords everywhere If indexed properly on Google Search Console and shared via social media channels, construction business’ can enhance the opportunity for their business to be found for specific terms in search increasing traffic and potential for new business leads.
  4. Optimise Subject Titles for Search and extended Sharing
    The subject line is the shop window to your business and can determine whether the content is clicked, shared or forwarded to create the best opportunity for back links to be created and enhance the opportunity for your search rankings to improve.
    It is important your subject lines include the keyword that you are trying to achieve ranking in search for as Google and other search engines will use this as a key identifier of what your content is about and where it should appear. Retain a balance between making it clear what your content is about and using some creative freedom to maximise the contents opportunity to succeed.
  5. Optimise Your Internal Web Page Content
    In addition to the subject line itself, business’ in construction need to go to great efforts to ensure their content is using their keywords effectively in their website pages and posts. Headlines, body text, image alt tags and meta data need to use keywords appropriately as a clear indication to search engines of how and where your content should be placed in its ranking system. Keywords are an essential inclusion and content creators need to use them efficiently, avoiding stuffing them into content for the benefit of search. Overusing keywords can appear spammy, and undermine the quality of a well written article.

Stage 3 – SEO Offsite Construction Marketing Tips

  1. BackLinks – Construct links back into your website
    A link to your website (backlink) from another relevant website provides a perfect indicator to Google that your website is of value to its search results. The more backlinks you can create, the more page authority your business will establish helping it to achieve the highest ranking. Backlinks represent the main obstacle to many construction business’ starting out, as they are up against long standing business’ that have a host of strong links from partners and relevant sources that have allowed them to established such a stable search position. Business’ in the built environment need to give time to the link building process, using the great content they have created in their blog and elsewhere to generate strong foundation of links into the website. A business working in the construction industry may consider its partners as a suitable source of backlinks, or seek out news websites and directories relevant to their niche.
  2. Create Viral How to Content and host it on Youtube
    Youtube is a great place to try to capture new customers and is considered the second most popular search engine after Google. How to DIY content is always extremely popular as people seek knowledge on how to solve problems and tasks themselves. If your construction industry business provides a product or service that suits a DIY demographic, marketers may consider creating a library of “how to” videos that utilise your product within them. Using keyword search terms (point 5) to focus the topic of your DIY video content, you can build strong incoming traffic sources in Youtube and Google. Google’s search engine often places the video content in the main text body search area and has great potential to stand out and be searched. Links back to your website can also be included in the information section of your youtube videos, which could lead to significant growth of incoming traffic.

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