You have successfully designed the perfect magazine front cover to capture the attention of your audience. It’s now your responsibility to sustain their interest and keep readers hooked with these 5 Easy Magazine Designers you can add right now:

5 Easy Magazine Design Features to Keep Readers Hooked


1. Content Snippet Quotes

Give magazine readers a taste of things to come by including “snippet quotes” near the front of the magazine, ideally on the contents page. By sharing a snippet of what is included and the associated page, it’s easy to drive the audience towards specific content. It’s a great way to make sure you readers take a look at your best content.

Captivating titles and images as part of your magazine headers

2. Clean, Clear Magazine Article Headers with Creative Flare

Simple, clean Magazine Article Headers are an excellent method of getting your audiences attention. Create intrigue and interest about the content of the article, with simple vector graphics that are perfectly suited to the content of the publication itself. Despite the temptation to fill a page with text and images, simplicity is preferable to highlight the value of the content.

In text snippet quotes featured in Magazine Design

3. In Text Snippet Quotes

Turn passive page flickers into engaged readers of your magazine by including key quotes from an article in the body of the text. They act as a great tool to hook your audience into the finer details of the articles contents. Ensure the quote represents the best and most insightful knowledge, to maximise the opportunity to draw the reader in.

4. Discover Additional Content

When reading a blog post it’s great how you can encourage the viewer to explore more of your content with the addition of suggested or related posts in key positions on the page.

A similar effect can be achieved in magazines, by including a quote or a point of reference to another article the reader may be interested in reading.

Optimum positions include at the end of the article, in the top margin in non-page title header pages, or even in the middle of an article.

For maximum impact an entire page in the middle of the magazine, could act as a perfect reminder of what is featured across the publication:

Full page content promotion magazine design feature

5. Bread Crumb Competitions

Magazine Competition Features

Running a competition is a great tool for catching the eye of your audience on the front page. Make the most of this attention by using breadcrumb tactics to draw people to specific areas of your content.

You might choose to get readers to answer a single or multiple question based on the contents of an article to enter the competition. Alternatively you might want to place a graphic like the one shown in the early pages of the magazine, whilst pushing the actual details of the competition to the later pages to encourage them to experience other content.

Competitions give readers the chance to win something  significant, take advantage of their desire to win and manipulate your content accordingly.

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