Branding and Website Rebuild

Acoustec Noise Control, a UK specialist in the supply and installation of technical acoustic systems, came to us for help with revamping their branding and website, to improve their online presence and generate new business.

Working closely with the owner Craig Goodburn, we were able to produce a complete new logo and style guide, in addition to a full-featured, cutting edge, responsive website.

Check out the new website below, or read on to find out how we did it.

Logo and Style Guide

The new “Acoustec Noise Control” logo provides a fresh, modern upgrade on the companies original logo. The “waves” on the right resemble sound waves to provide a visual connection between the logo and the services Acoustec offer. They are also being used as a standalone icon for the companies promotional materials and website.

Acoustec logo for light/white backgrounds
Acoustec logo for dark/grey backgrounds

The colour scheme is bold and modern, adopting the companies original orange, with the addition of a deep grey for contrast. Designed to stand-out on both dark and light backgrounds, Acoustec’s new logo will catch the eye on screen, literature and signage.

Website Design and Build

Acoustec set us the challenge of building a website that had a contemporary and modern look, providing examples of their favourite websites as reference points.

The end result is website that has it’s own unique identity, whilst incorporating the clean lines, white space, consistent colour schemes and eye catching imagery synonymous with modern and contemporary websites.

Acoustec Noise Control Homepage

User Experience

Design was a key factor in the build process, but the structuring of content and accessibility of the website was a fundamental factor in that process. The user experience was at the forefront of this design and we paid careful attention to how visitors would navigate the site.

The menu clearly structures all of the solutions and services offered by Acoustec, in addition to links through to pages to help you learn more about what the company has to offer.

Whether the website is being navigated on desktop, tablet or mobile the user experience is optimised, making it easy to find content and make enquiries.

The service and solution pages are feature packed with useful content

Engaging Content

For each of the solutions and services offered by Acoustec, there is a wealth of clear and engaging content for visitors to consume. Technical documents are easy to download and eye catching visuals really help to bring each page to life.

Within each page call to action buttons (e.g contact us), are used frequently to simplify the contact process for the visitor and ultimately generate more business enquiries, a key component of effective web design.

New Business

Completed within a five week time frame, our branding and website work with Acoustec is a perfect example of how working closely with the client can produce fantastic results. We are delighted to hear Acoustec have started to receive enquiries through their new website already.

Client Feedback

We were delighted to receive this great feedback from Acoustec, for the branding and web design services we provided them:

We are very proud of the website Jamie has created for us. During the creation process we were always given fantastic support and advice. Jamie is extremely responsive, if you ask for something quirky or slightly unusual…its done in no time at all and usually surpassing all expectations.

I would highly recommend Jstreet Creative and I’m very much looking forward to any future collaboration.

Craig Goodburn

Craig Goodburn, Business Owner, Acoustec

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