Video is a great way to showcase your construction business online and in face-to-face interactions. Presenting your products, services and case studies via video is more engaging than text, enhances the credibility of your business and emphasises your expertise.

6 Easy Ways for Your Construction Business to Implement Video

1. Create Videos from your Images

You might not have any suitable steady video footage to use but don’t worry, your existing images are a great way to create engaging videos that look like new content.

Basic video editing tools such as imovie for mac allow you to lay out your images in the order you wish, add simple transitions and music.

It’s easy to adjust how long you want each video to be by adjusting the number of seconds that each image is shown.

For sharing on social media I would recommend no longer than 30 seconds for each video, and if necessary deliver in a series for maximum engagement. Longer video 1-2 minutes is more suitable for your website.

Alternative paid options include motion array, their service consists of pre-made templates which you can add your images (and video) and text to customise as required

2. Drone Video Footage

Drone footage provides a cinematic and compelling experience for your customers.

Featured on your home page drone footage is a great way to introduce people to your business.

The footage is has incredible sharingpotential on social media and is a piece of marketing content you can continue to benefit from for multiple years.

Ideal for showcasing projects, the factory line, premises or team it can really help to enhance the professional perception and personality for your business.

3. Go live with Facebook or Twitters Periscope

Social media tools such as Facebook Live or Twitters periscope are an entertaining, in the moment way for companies to engage with their audience.

Construction business’ could use these in-the moment platforms to showcase profile projects, product launches or to even greater effect at construction events where they can attract the interest of people at the show or those unable to attend.

Due to the popularity of twitter in the built environment periscope might seem the obvious choice, but recent statistics indicate that Facebook Live is vastly more popular than periscope amongst companies, largely due to better functionality and it’s significantly larger number of users (twitter 300 million/facebook 1 billion).

If your construction industry business has a strong facebook following it may prove to be the most beneficial social media channel to adopt for your live filming requirements.

4. Turn video into GIFs

GIFs are a fun way to show installation, product and project video into small snippets of content to be utilised via social media.

They are really good way for construction business’ to catch the eye in busy social media environments as they don’t need to be clicked to start, won’t eat up people’s data allowance and are shown on a continuous loop enabling your visual message to be shown over and over again without disturbance.

ezgif represents a great GIF generating tool, you can read more on the benefits of GIFs in social media here.

Here is a GIF of a video I made:

Omnichannel branding and graphics design services for construction business' from JStreetCreative

5. Viral How to Content

Representing the second most popular search engine, Youtube is a great place to try to capture new customers.

How to DIY content is always extremely popular as people seek knowledge on how to solve problems and tasks themselves.

If your construction industry business provides a product or service that suits a DIY demographic, marketers may consider creating a library of “how to” videos that utilise your product within them.

The videos could be created in-house or youtube content creators with a strong following could be identified to use your products in their videos.

By utilising an influencer the response could be greater as subscribers consider them a more credible source than the business themselves.

The content created is also valuable for visitors to the companies website to retain visitor attention, be utilised at events and also be used by technical teams to help advise customers more effectively on how products should be installed.

6. Create Instagram or Facebook stories

Instagram stories could prove to be a hugely effective way for construction business to achieve a sustainable line of communication with their audience, through sharing company related content with an engaged audience that represents the future of the construction industry.

Leveraging the support of colleagues, celebrities and influential figures are an effective means for construction business’ to raise its profile on a platform widely viewed as being for a different audience.

Construction business’ not convinced should consider recent statistics showing that engagement with brands is 10 times higher on instagram than on Facebook, 54 times higher than Pinterest and 84 times higher than Twitter. Read my recent post on instragram stories potential benefits to construction business’.

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