Today I’m delighted to launch Construction Marketer!

Volume.1 focuses on best practice tactics and expertise for construction marketers and businesses keen to begin or get better results from their social media activities. This first edition will be followed by further volumes focused on essential marketing tactics, tips and expertise to untangle some of the mysteries of todays modern marketing methods.

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Construction Marketer Volume 1 social media front page July 2018

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Volume 1 Features:

  1. Essential Social Media Shortcuts
  2. Freshly Squeezed Social Media
  3. Glide Through the Instagram Gears
  4. Social Media Start Line
  5. Launch Marketing Tap in to Twitter
  6. Social Media Automation

Get Involved with Construction Marketer

Construction Marketer is a new project and I would be delighted if you would interested in contributing in future editions. Contact me at or via the contact page.

Construction Marketer get involved

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