A successful Construction business’ marketing campaign will have a feature rich website, brimming with great content at its core. A construction website that gets it right, will maximise business efficiency, improve operations and vastly improve customer experience. Here’s how…

You don’t have Website

Stop! You don’t have a website for your construction business?

If your construction business doesn’t have a website, stop reading now.

Find a decent website host like inmotion hosting and register your business website RIGHT NOW.

Alternatively find someone who can set this up for you.

Here’s why a Construction Website is Essential

Potential customers and clients will search for your construction business in Google or go direct to your site.

If they can’t find you, alarm bells will be ringing and there is a significant chance they have already decided your construction business is not right for them.

It’s 2018 and a business operating in the built environment without a website, creates all sorts of questions for your customers. Most significantly “what have they have got to hide?

Having great technical literature and promotional giveaways is great but your website will be the first port of call for all stakeholders

Why Build Your Construction Marketing Around your Website?

A construction website that acts as a hub of information will make a clear path for all of your other construction marketing activities. It will provide an efficient resource, that will save the business time and money in many areas.

Stakeholder Benefits

Customers will want to be able to find everything they need from your website.

This will include technical literature, installation guides, product information, contact details, testimonials, existing clients and case studies

Simple access to this information not only provides instant gratification for your visitors, but can also save your company significant amounts of time and money.

An effective construction website will mean less time spent by your sales and service teams on the phone, sending of emails and save money on print and packaging of physical literature.

There is often negativity over having all content available via a website, with a preference for getting people to contact the company for specific information.

In today’s busy environment I don’t think people are willing to wait and will look for alternatives or get frustrated.

A way round this may be to include an instant chat feature on your website, to meet their requirements quickly.

Construction Marketer Volume 1 - Inside Social Media

Extended Benefits

Social Media Channels

Links to all of your valuable insulation resources can be shared to all of your social media channels

From your construction website you can inform your twitter, linkedin, instagram, and facebook audiences with a few clicks of a button or swipes of a finger.

Or you can automate the sharing process, to enable continuous sharing through a week/month/year with a cool tool like Buffer, Hootsuite or Dlvr.it


You can send a single link to a page on your website with all the information, rather than maxing out emails and risking spam with by including heavy attachments within an email

Physical Literature

Always include your website address on physical literature, make it easy for your potential and existing customers to discover more about your business and enhance the purchasing opportunity.


A error on your construction website change is significantly easier to change, than an error on 10,000 printed brochures.

Get it right on the web and re-configure for your offline activities and you can ensure you have consistency throughout your communication activities.

100’s/1000’s of people can see online changes or communications – an offline activity will take far longer to communicate to the same amount of people.

If things change in your literature. policies or sales prices over time you can upload a revised version with minimal fuss, and at least point customers in the direction of the new information should they have an outdated print copy.


Housing everything under one website makes for great analytics.

You can see what content is most popular, which of your marketing channels are proving to be the most effective in driving traffic to your website and when your business is receiving the most interest.

Marketing Built Around Your Construction Website

These are just some of the benefits of focusing your marketing activities around a feature rich construction website.

What are you thoughts on the importance of having a feature rich website at the centre of your construction marketing activities? Share them in the comments below:

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