A continuous flow of incredible content provides an essential foundation for building your construction business website. It’s not just a case of keeping the construction industry informed of your activities, an effective content marketing strategy gives your business a better opportunity to succeed in search engines, on social media and the digital marketing environment as a whole.

Content Marketing in Construction

Whether you are construction business or not, the concept of creating new website content without having a clear reward makes starting extremely difficult. It’s not quite as simple as picking up the phone or sending an email to offer your products or services to somebody in return for money.

Content marketing is a long term investment for construction business’ that will vastly improve their broader online presence and ultimately generate new relationships and new opportunities through greater credibility and awareness. To give your construction business the motivation it needs to start creating great content here are the rewards and advice on how you can achieve them:

Better Search Performance (SEO)

Performing well in search engines is incredibly important and by making a sustained content marketing effort construction business’ can vastly improve their search engine presence:

Overcome Competition with Content Marketing

Creating new content for your website and informing Google’s search console acts as continuous reminder to Google that your website is active and up to date. This has been identified as an important factor in Google’s algorithm which determines where your website is placed in the search. A construction website that doesn’t update frequently will lose ground to competitors who are more active.

Quality at the core of Content Marketing

It’s not a simple factor of creating content for the sake of it. Quality is a key condition that business’ need to consider carefully when co-ordinating their content marketing delivery. Search engines have a preference for content that is detailed and of significant length. The minimum suggested length is 300 words, however if construction marketers have enough valuable information to share content should be 900 words or more.

Content Length

If the content being written about is of significant importance to your construction business it should be considered cornerstone content and it is really important for your business to perform well in the search engine for the specific topic. In those instances content should be anywhere above 1,000 words so Google really sees the value in your content.

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Balance Business and Audience

There is evidently a fine balance between what is important to your business and what is valuable to your audience. The focus of your best and most detailed content should be on topics you want to be found in search for that also matches up with more general terms and phrases that your target market are actually searching for.

As a construction business you may consider your most important content to be product and service announcements, yet these topics are unlikely to be searched for specifically by new customers. Furthermore, you are likely to rank at the top of search for this type of content without writing a huge amount of content as they relate specific to your business. Don’t waste your best content marketing efforts on this type of writing, unless there is a popular search keyword or phase you can align with your company news, or product/service announcement.

Add Value to the Construction Industry

It’s important that content marketing efforts are not completely focused on the construction business’ activities or are driven towards sales. The content that will withstand the test of time, attract new customers and provide educational value is what construction business’ should really aim to provide in depth. This type of “evergreen content” enhances your credibility in the industry and is well suited for sharing for weeks, months and years on social media providing even more website traffic.


Whilst the quality over quantity balance still exists, search engines are always looking for new content to index. As long as your content marketing efforts are relevant and well written, there is no reason not to post everyday. A regular stream of content keeps search engines alert to your business, but also creates more and more ways for people to find you.

For example if your construction business website just has four pages, this gives visitors only 4 paths in which to locate your business. However, a website with 40 pages and posts provides 10x as many avenues for new clients to find your business. More content also enables you to make a bigger impact on social media generating more website traffic. This new traffic can lead to more email contacts for your email database, enabling you to follow up with various types of business related communications.

Identifying Construction Content Marketing Topics

Construction business’ can build effective content marketing campaigns by identifying key words that are specific to a field of interest and writing content that features these key words heavily. Using a keyword research tool like Keywords Everywhere it is possible to build a bank of keywords specific to your construction industry niche. Search “construction business london” and it will provide a host of alternate searches, their popularity in terms of how often they are searched and the competitiveness. The next stage is to establish how your business can write something new around each of those topics that is of genuine value.

Another source of construction content marketing topics is by keeping up to date with what is happening in the industry. A news collation tool like feedly will bring together the latest topics being discussed specific to your industry, or a search on Google may identify a relevant content to discuss today. Creating content that is in the moment can provide a significant traffic boost and also encourage Google to regard your website as being up to the minute.

More Quality Content = More Backlinks

Links back into your construction business website (backlinks) are a hugely important feature of search engine optimisation. Creating higher quality content that people want to share is the route to generating those links. As Google’s Crawlers find those links your construction business website will be viewed as a valuable site to its users, justifying the reward of placing your business more favourably in search results.

Succeed Elsewhere with Construction Content Marketing

Creating great content on your construction business website generates more for you to share on social media and via email campaigns. Followers, subscribers and overall visibility will be vastly enhanced enabling your business to gain even greater traction in the digital marketing space as a whole.

3 Keys of Construction Industry Content Marketing

Here’s a reminder of why content marketing is a valuable addition to your construction business, and when conducted with a focus on quality, quantity and consistency will lead to significant reward in the weeks, months and years to follow:

  1. Improved search engine performance. Creating more routes for people to find your website and more content for people to link back into. Better search engine performance gives your business a better chance of receiving enquiries and generating new business
  2. Increased Social Media presence. Having more content to share on social media generates more opportunities for people to click into your website and contact you. It will assist in helping to build your social media following for further content sharing and more people seeing your business
  3. Effective email campaigns. Great new content gives your construction business more to say that is likely to be of value to your existing email database. Frequent quality emails will provide a valuable boost of traffic into your website, enhance relationships and improve the potential reach of your construction business content to new audiences.

Are you convinced that your construction business should commit to delivering a consistent content marketing campaign that focuses on quality and content? Or are does your business simply not have the time or the resources to even start? Please share your thoughts on construction content marketing below…

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