By “creative features” I refer to the design elements of this month’s Insulate Magazine, as mentioned in yesterday’s announcement post we had brought in a number of design elements to this months release that bring the publication to a level above previous issues. Let’s explore those design changes.

1. 3 Columns – New Type Face

For the first 17 issues of the magazine, we adopted a more modern type face, and a one/two column approach to our articles.  Whilst this made for easy reading online, it didn’t transmit as effectively on print. This month we chose to adopt a more traditional and readable type face and a 3 column approach that gives an even more professional finish:

2. Insulate Network News Recap

The News Recap feature of the new magazine, is simply a sidebar feature that gives readers the opportunity to explore news they may  have missed from our website Insulate Network. Containing snippets of the original articles, the reader can click through via the digital issue.

3. Also Read in This Month’s Insulate

When flicking through the pages of Insulate, we wanted to encourage our readers to explore all the great articles in that issue. A compelling quote and a page reference was strategically placed on page, providing a hook into other opinions. This feature adds to the “instant insulate” section at the front of publication that gives a teaser into what is to follow.


4. Read More from Insulate Columnists

With 17 extremely strong issues behind us, there was a clear opportunity to provide an avenue into previous quality content from our contributors. Within articles from our most frequent columnists, digital readers can click through to further articles from our columnists. Alternatively, print readers can jump online or go back to previous issues to find these articles.

5. World Cup Wall Planner

As it will only be available in the May issue of Insulate Magazine the World Cup Wall Planner deserves a special mention. It was a lot of fun, to put together and looks great with the unique Insulate branding.

Enjoy the Mag

There you have it, my favourite creative touches new to the May Insulate Magazine.

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