Simple Website Design

At JStreet Creative we are advocates for simple website design, we think it rocks. By adopting a simple approach to web design, your business can look forward to greater awareness, enquiries and sales.

What is Simple Website Design?

We consider a website to have a simple design when they feature:

  • A Clear header featuring the logo, main menu and contact details
  • Good use of title headers throughout text content
  • Plenty of white space around content
  • Eye catching call to action buttons
  • Effective use of optimised images and sliders
  • Defined typography for headers and body text
  • A strong colour scheme of consisting of 3 to 4 Colours

A simple website doesn’t feature:

  • Elaborate slow loading sliders
  • Distracting content that serves no purpose
  • Unnecessary overuse of font types

Why Does Simple Web Design Rock?

User Experience

A website adopting a simple website design is accessible to everyone. Your customers are familiar with finding menus and contact details in the page header, so why change it? The purpose of your website is to generate enquiries and build awareness, so don’t make it difficult for visitors to find information and contact you.

Overly complicated sites, with elaborate banners and unnecessary information will only slow down or cut short your customers education process. Make it easy to find the most valuable information, to speed up the process of them making an enquiry or purchasing. If the user experience is complicated customers will sooner leave, than search for the information they are after.

Site Speed

Graphically intense websites can cripple site speed. If your website loads slowly, customers could be lost and your site will be punished in search engine results. Simple websites are clean and simple, making them faster to load across all devices.

Poorly optimised images are one of the main culprits behind website loading slowly. You may want to show photos and images in full resolution, but this can add unwanted seconds to your sites speed. Keep your website simple by using optimisation tools such as Photoshop and Imagify.

Another common source of slow websites is sliders, despite looking impressive, they can add unwanted seconds to your sites speed. If your website currently uses sliders, trying using an image carousel instead to reduce your websites loading times.

Read my article on speeding up your website here.


A complicated website design, will make it harder for your website to serve its main purpose; converting visitors in to customers. Simple website design enables customers to purchase and make enquiries easily. Make sure your website is using clear call to action buttons, enquiry forms and menus to make the process of creating new customers is streamlined.


Mobile devices is where simple website design is most important. Using a single finger website visitors should be able to navigate easily through your website. A website featuring clear call to action buttons, menus, contact details and valuable information provides an optimum mobile website experience. In contrast, visually intense websites, can complicate the mobile website experience and often don’t translate well from the desktop computer experience.


Simple website design, contributes to creating a professional perception of your business. The purpose of your website is to generate enquiries and sales, so a professional appearance is essential in building business credibility.

Clumsy websites, that lack clear navigation and are overly bloated can have a negative effect on your business’ perception. Websites using too many font types, or lack proper use of headings also contributes to a lack of professionalism.

A simple website incorporates basic but significant principles to encourage visitors to explore products and services, make enquiries and purchase without hesitation.

Adopt the Simple Approach to Website Design

The simple approach to website design provides an excellent platform for your business website to achieve its purpose of educating, capturing leads and generating sales . If your websites could benefit from a simple approach, or you require any web design assistance speak to us today.

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