Create Powerful New Product Names

Do you want to spend less time coming up with names for your products and more time selling them? When coming up with product names for clients I often use five simple techniques to help create new names. Below I will use these techniques to come up with a name for a soundproofing product for floors.


Where the product is used can provide a good start pointing for a product name. For example if the product is installed on the floor, “floor” or synonyms of the word could be used to make up part of the name. Including the application of the product can also help to educate the customer about where the product is used.

Product name idea: Floor


Does you product have a specific design feature? Maybe it’s colour, shape or size. If the colour is going to be used across your entire product range, it may be an effective reference point to your products. If the colour is also used in your branding, the use of it within your product names may be a perfect fit.

Product name idea: Orange


The main benefits of a product often provide inspiration for product names. A benefit included in the name can help to educate the customer about what your product does, without requiring them to do any further research. If it is a feature they are looking for in a product, it is likely to get their interest and encourage them to find out more. The main benefit of a sound proofing floor product is sound reduction.

Product name idea: Sound

Business Name

It’s common to incorporate your business name or elements of it when creating product names. This can help to establish credibility for your products due to their association with your company. Adopting your existing business name can also help to increase awareness of the business. If all your product name adopt this approach, customers will instantly recognise the products association with your company. For example all of jStreet Creative’ products could have a “j” at the front, much like apple’s iPod, iPhone and iMac range.

Product name idea: j (the j from jstreet creative)


If you product is made of, or features a specific material these may also be used in the product name. This may be even more important if your material is the main feature of the product. Using product materials in the names can also help to described to the customer how your product looks, and if it is suitable for there needs. Let’s assume our soundproofing floor product features chipboard as one of its main materials.

Product name idea: Chipboard

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Product Names

Our product words:

Sound, Orange, Floor, Chipboard, and j

Here we have identified five words to work with to create our new product name. For your products I am sure you could think of various different words for each section, creating more product name opportunities.

New Product Name Ideas

How about OrangeFloor? SoundChip? JFloor? JChip? As you can see, from just a handful of words we can begin to create some unique names for your products. What product names can you come up with using this simple five step process for your business?

Selecting Product Names

Choosing the best names for your products requires some careful consideration. Before finalising your product names, be sure to get opinions from in and outside of your business. These five techniques can help to give you some name inspiration, but you may prefer more unique names for your products. If your need help with choosing your product names and branding speak to us today.

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