When it comes to Corporate Brochure Design, the smart simple approach is often most effective.

This rule certainly applies to the construction industry, where there is often a lot of technical information to share.

White space allows content to breath, bold colours to stand out and photos to take centre stage.

Lets take a quick run through how a smart corporate brochure design may be set up:

Simple Smart Corporate Brochure Design

Here we have the front cover of our brochure, let’s break down the features:

AIB Corporate Brochure Design Front Cover
The content is clearly laid out to make it effortless for the reader to identify who the business are
  • The company logo has the freedom of the top area of the page – we want our readers to become very familiar with it
  • The business name is then featured to make it clear who the company are
  • The feature images are placed inside the the shape icon shape from the logo, which helps to enhance the brand identity
  • Bullet points identify the 3 services areas the company specialise in
    • For maximum impact the 3 images selected would portray the 3 building services described in the bullet points
    • The bullet points introduce the colours associated with each of the services provided

The Double Page Spread Design

Double page spread design of corporate brochure design
Proportioned to perfection and laid out to provide a straight forward introduction to the business

The focus is on precise spacing, to create balance throughout the two pages and deliver content clearly. Readability is extremely important in the opening pages of the corporate brochure design and this has been prioritised here.

  • A logical title and sub-header approach is featured to make it clear to readers what this section is about
  • A quote, possibly by a CEO or Founder is then displayed below.
    • Quotes may not typically be featured here, but they are extremely eye catching and are popular in magazines. If a quote from a senior figure detailing what your business does is available, it can direct readers to where you want them to start and establish your business’ credibility.
    • The quote provides a gateway in to the main information about your business.
  • The bottom of the page features 3 further quotes about the services your business provides.
    • Highlighted by a lined box they attract the eye and extremely readable. As with the front page, the colour chosen is the colour associated with the service provided
    • As with the main pull quote, they provide a good introduction summary and a route into the content on the following page
  • A full page is devoted to the 3 services offered by the company – It is key readers learn about the building services offered
    • The company services are shown inside a box specifically coloured for that service. By this stage the reader is starting to identify this colour with the specific service, which can then be implemented on to subsequent pages.
    • The 3 service images are also featured to draw the eye of the reader and invites them to read more about each specific service

Learn how to space and choose the right margin sizes for your brochure and magazine designs:

Mind the Gap – Magazine and Brochure Design

A Journey Through Your Business – Corporate Brochure Design

I hope this brief guide to a smart corporate brochure design has made it clear it isn’t simply a case of putting content on the page for your audience to read. Effective brochure design is about taking readers on a journey and that begins on the front page.

Introduce your ideal customer to your business and funnel them logically through the various stages of your business to allow them to build an understanding of who you are. Use quotes to hook your audience and create an identity for your business by using shapes and colours that help readers identify your business.

The smart corporate brochure design is not designed to take the breath of your customers away. The approach is intended to:

  • Showcase the professionalism and credibility of your business.
  • Minimise the effort required by the reader to learn more about your services, which enhances the opportunity to generate valuable leads and enquiries.
  • Be easy to transfer across to other brochures, onto your website and via other graphics you may create (data sheets, social media designs, posters etc).

Your Corporate Brochure

If you require a smart, sophisticated, simple or stylish corporate brochure design JStreet Creative can provide you with the services your business needs. Feel free to discuss your technical literature and brochure design requirements with us today here.

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