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A blog is a great way to drive traffic to your business website. It is an opportunity to showcase your business’ expertise and increase your visibility in search engine results. Here we look at how your business can run a successful blog to increase awareness and create new business opportunities.

Define your Blog Goals

A well defined strategy is fundamental to the success of your business blog. Before creating and publishing content, establish and define goals for your blog. Do you want to increase website traffic? Get more product enquiries? Or increase newsletter subscribers?

Blog Planner

To give your blog structure create a week-by-week planner in a spreadsheet, that you can use to outline the articles you plan to create. A business in the construction industry should aim to publish a new blog article every week. Here are the types of content your blog should include to maximise success. For maximum engagement, try to avoid publishing news that is solely about your business (case studies, company announcements). Instead map a mixture of these content suggestions across your spreadsheet to keep your blog fresh.

Content for Your Blog

1. Educational Content

Educational content is a great way to attract targeted customers to your business. Unlike posts directly promoting your products or services, “How to” and question solving content is helpful and informative to your customer. Creating articles that provide a solution, also enhances your credibility and expertise in your field, increasing the opportunity for visitors to do business with you in the future.

Frequently Asked Customer Questions

An effective approach to creating educational content, is to think about the questions your target customers may ask when using search engines. An article titled “How to Soundproof a Concrete Floor“, matches the question someone asks in a search engine, increasing the likelihood of them clicking the page and improving its positioning in search engines. What questions do your target customers have and how can you answer them through your business blog?

Blogs articles that answer a customer questions are excellent for search engines

2. Keyword Articles

A keyword strategy is a useful guide for creating content for your business blog. Keywords are words and phrases that you want people to find you for when searching in search engines. For example “Professional building contractor” may be a term you wish to be found for in search engines, making it a suitable to a create blog article that focus on “Professional building contractor” as the keyword.

There are probably hundreds of words and phrases you want your business to be found for in search, select the important ones to creating quality blog articles optimised for search engines. By focusing on keywords associated with your business’ products and services, you will boost search engine performance and attract traffic interested in your business.

Use tools such as Yoast SEO to create articles that are optimised for a specific keyphrase

3. Company News Articles

Your business blog is a great platform to showcase your business’ latest news and activities. You may have launched a new product or service, someone new has joined the team, or your business has supported the community. When frequently published, these type of articles develop the identity of your business and ensure your business stays fresh in the memory of your customers.

General company news help to establish your business identity

4. Trending Industry Topics

If there is important news in your industry, such as a change in building regulations or climate change, it can be beneficial to create articles around these topics for your business blog. You can enhance your business’ credibility, by being proactive in addressing new trends emerging in the industry through your business blog.

5. Project Case Studies

If your business is doing some great work, your blog is the perfect place to showcase it. Don’t keep your work hidden from your website visitors, case studies are great way to highlight your expertise and boost credibility with potential customers. Include a variety of projects and case studies your company has been involved in, to keep your content looking fresh and increase engagement.

Publish case studies to showcase your expertise

Blog Promotion

Sharing Your Business Blog

Your blog will only get the attention it deserves, if you proactively share it on social media. Each time you publish a news article on your blog share it via your companies social media platforms, get employees to re-share content via their personal accounts and share again through out the year for maximum coverage.

Business Newsletter

Create a email newsletter sign up for for your website, encouraging website visitors to sign up to your latest blog articles. This is a great way to retain blog readers and keep them informed with your latest news and articles.

A Successful Business Blog

Your business blog is a powerful tool, which can help generate new opportunities for your business. If your business needs help with creating a successful blog get in touch with us today.

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