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Website enquiries are a measure of success for your website, and converting and turning visitors into customers is essential to your business. Here we look at how you can increase website enquiries, by improving the website experience for visitors.

Better Content = More Website Enquiries

Generating more website enquiries is not always dependent on the tools available to visitors to make an enquiry. If the content on your website isn’t informative, educational or interesting visitors will become disengaged. Lack of content reduces your business’ credibility in the field, and raises question marks over your ability to help them.

So if you business does have brochures, case studies and services to showcase make sure they are easily available from your website. Include a Frequently Asked Quesitons (FAQ) section on your website. Add new articles to your blog every week. Your business may be exactly what your visitors are looking for, but an empty website doesn’t give visitors customers the confidence to engage. It’s important to remember that website visitors may know little about your business, so make it easy for them to learn exactly what you do.

Instant Conversations

Often located in the bottom corner of the webpage, instant conversation boxes appear asking website visitors “can we help?”. By prompting visitors to interact, chat boxes provide a significant communication shortcut for both the visitor and the company. Instead of visiting the contact page to make website enquiries, customers can contact you instantly via the current page.

Prompting interaction also prioritises making an enquiry and reduces the possibility of the customer leaving, if they can’t find the information they are looking for. Instant conversations can also help build visitor confidence, instead of interacting with a website they are now talking to a real person.

Chat boxes also simplify the contact process by allowing visitors to communicate with minimal effort. Visitors don’t have to pick up the phone, write an email or follow a structured contact form. With instant chat conversation can fell more natural, and remove the stress of picking up the phone.

Conversation boxes provide a personal touch to your website

Call to Action Buttons

Having explained a product or service your company offers, it is important to follow it up with a clear call-to-action button. A button stating “make an enquiry” can help prompt an interested visitor to make an enquiry.

Don’t expect your customers to read about your offerings, then click through to your contact page in the menu. Make the enquiry process simple and include call-to-action buttons where relevant on your website.

Make your call to action buttons stand out and increase engagement by using different colours to your websites colour scheme. If you wanted to contact us, all you need to do is click the stand out button below:

Call to action buttons, encourage visitors to engage more with the website

Enquiry Forms

Nearly every website has an enquiry form, but is it easy to find? Traditionally on the contact page, visitors are required to navigate to another page to make a website enquiry. Simplify the enquiry process by placing enquiry forms in the footer, or in relevant places on your website pages.

Enquiry forms can often be over populated with fields, requiring too much information for the visitor. Do you really need to know the visitors full address at this stage? Be efficient and only get basic information, which your team can then follow up on. Often a name, phone number, email and enquiry detail box is more than enough formulate a quality lead. If you want people to subscribe to your newsletter, sometimes all you need an email address.

Make enquiries simple to streamline the enquiry process


Pop-ups are an effective way to capture new customer details. They are most effective if you can offer the visitor something in return for their information. Perhaps a discount on product or service you offer, or a free how to guide. Once their contact details have been captured, with there consent you can communicate with them regularly via email. Through relevant email communication, you can build awareness and turn them into a paying customer.

To have minimal impact on the visitors website experience, it is recommended the pop-up is set up to activate as visitors are about to leave the browser. The visitor may intend to look elsewhere, but offering them 10% off their first order in return for their email address, may persuade them to purchase from you. Pop-ups that appear just as visitors arrive on your website can result in a negative website experience, prompting visitors to leave.

Get More Website Enquiries

Your website is more than flag in the sand for your business. It’s a place where you can capture the heart and minds of your customers. Increase your website enquiries through great content and strategically placed contact points. If your business needs help with getting more website enquiries, get in touch today.

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