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With Google being the go to search engine on the internet, it’s essential that your business appears on Google Search. Google won’t simply find your website and list you in its search results, you must submit your website pages manually. There are two free ways to get your website on Google, to get maximum exposure for your business we recommend both.

Submit Your Website Using Google Search Console

Google search console is an essential tool for managing your business’ website presence. Here you can submit sitemaps (files that include all of your website pages) or individual website links. When links are submitted Google will crawl your website and begin the process of indexing it in its search engine.

To begin the process you need to create a Google Search Console account using your business details, and add the unique code or HTML file provided to your website. Adding the code requires some technical know-how speak to us if your need support. Completing this process will prove that you are the owner of the website and allow you to begin submitting website links and sitemaps. Once your site pages and sitemaps have been submitted Google will begin to index them immediately.

Google Search Console – Account View

Create a Google My Business Account

A Google My Business account literally puts your business on the map. When customers in the local area search for terms related to your business, you will appear on Google maps in the main search. If customers search specifically for your company name they will see an extended overview of your business on the right hand side of the page.

With a Google My Business account setup your business will benefit from an extended profile in Google search engines

A Google My Business account allows you to showcase all the features of your business. Company address, contact details, products, services and business photos can all be added to enhance your Google Your business page is a great way to educate potential customers about your business directly through Google Search.

It’s easy to create your Google My Business account and start adding your business information. Before your Google Business is activated, you must confirm your business address by receiving a unique activation code or via a phone call to your registered phone address.

The account view of a Google My Business Account

When your Google Places account has been successfully activated you can then transfer it over Microsoft Bing website, to create an account on Bing places and benefit from being listed in their search engine.

Getting Your Business on Google Search

Google Search Console and Google My Busieness are the first steps to getting your business listed in Google search engines. Further optimisation of your website will help improve where your business is listed on Google and additional paid solutions such as Google Adwords campaigns can also help to boost Google rankings.

If your business needs help with getting on Google, or improving your presence in Google’s search engine contact us today.

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