Linkedin is the most important social media platform for professional business, making it essential that you and your business are present on it. However, to win business from Linkedin, it takes more than simply having an account or a business page. Below I take you through some of the things you can do today, to help you win business from Linkedin.

Optimise your Linkedin Profile

Make sure your Linkedin profile best represents you.

  • Is your profile picture professional and up to date?
  • Are all your key qualifications and experiences listed?
  • Does the strap line next to your profile speak to your target audience?
  • Do you have a link to your business website from your profile?
  • Are your showcasing your best work through your profile?
  • Does your profile incorporate the key words you or your business want to be found for?

Make these changes to boost your appearance on Linkedin and increase the opportunity to build better relationships with potential clients online.

A Professional Company Page

Your Linkedin business page is a shop window for your business, making a professional appearance essential.

  • Is your company logo clear and up to date?
  • Does the strap line below your business logo include key words that you want your business to be discovered for?
  • Does your header image provide a good showcase of what your business offers?
  • Is a full description of your business available for people to view and does it clearly describe what you can do for your clients?
  • Does your page display a call to action button that sends people to your website?
  • Is your business page frequently updated with the latest news about your business? Seee next section for details.

Need help creating a Linkedin business page that will help you win business? Don’t hesitate to contact me for dedicated advice.

Share Content Frequently

If you aren’t posting frequently on your personal Linkedin profile or company page, you are not being seen by your followers and other people who may be interested in the services you offer.

  • Share compelling content to your Linkedin business page on a daily basis to ensure your business remains visible on Linkedin.
  • Re-share content from your Linkedin business page to your personal profile to get even more exposure for your business.
    • Top-tip – Include a personal message with the shared post to get a better response from your followers.
  • Share your personal experiences from your work day to your personal Linkedin profile. Tag your company page into the page to drive traffic and new followers to it.

Employee Engagement

Your employees can massively increase your business’ visibility online, boosting the opportunity to win business from Linkedin.

  • Encourage employees to like, comment on and share your business posts to boost the number of people that see them. More shares means greater exposure for your business and the work that you do.
  • Get individuals within your business to share their own business related experiences to their personal feeds. In their posts get them tag your Linkedin business page to boost visibility and gain new followers.

Vary Shared Content

Keep your personal profile and Linkedin company pages’ fresh and informative by posting a variety of content to your accounts.

  • Include progress and completion photos to show your audience the journey you or your business has been on.
  • Share valuable resources your business offers including brochures and case studies.
  • Publish video content to provide a more engaging experience for your audience.
  • Tell your audience about any work you or your business does in the community or for charity.
  • Share content featuring your partners, to increase the likelihood of your content be shared by others.

Need help publishing content to your Linkedin business page? Don’t hesitate to contact me for dedicated advice.

Helping you Win Business from Linkedin

If you need help with winning business from Linkedin please get in touch. I will help you improve your personal profiles and Linkedin pages, develop a social media marketing plan and help you publish content that will enable you to win more business from Linkedin.

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