Instant conversations are an essential part of digital marketing. Customers expect to be able to speak to someone immediately in order to get the product and service answers they need from your business.

Instant Conversations for Construction Business’

The rise of social media has undoubtedly lead to visitor demand for instant chat facilities on websites to increase significantly. The ability to reply and direct message on twitter, linkedin and facebook has left business websites that promise to get back to you in 24 hours, or are only reachable via a generic telephone number in the past.

The research that has been gathered to date surrounds e-commerce, so this applies directly to your construction business if it trades online. In e-commerce environments customers have a higher possibility of becoming loyal to your business and 4.5 times more likely to buy from as a result of instant convertain tools being a website feature.

If your construction business doesn’t sell directly from your website, instant conversations are still extremely important. Potential customers, are eager to find technical data, installation advice, pricing and more from your website, if they are unable to find it they will want an easy to way to get it.

Instant response tools are the perfect way to help customers find these resources. They don’t leave a potential sale in the hands of a late email or call to the office that requires the staff member to direct the person over the phone.

A construction business that is able to respond immediately with a link to the exact information or the pricing they need will undoubtedly gain greater respect than a business that is slow and unresponsive. Instant conversations genuinely are the difference between gaining and losing a customer.

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Instant Conversation Options

A standard website chatbot will have an email function if there is no one available after work hours to respond to messages. However, sophisticated website chat bots feature Artificial Intelligence (AI) that are capable of responding to specific questions and directing the customer to their desired outcomes. For the benefit of customer satisfaction and maximising sales opportunities chatbots featuring AI are recommended for business’ working in the built environment.

As a minimum business’ working in construction should have options on their website that direct visitors to their facebook or twitter pages where they can offer similar chat conversations. These methods may enable your business to be more responsive out of normal work hours, but they are unlikely to offer the customisation that your business may need to guide your visitors automatically to the resources they require. For the benefit of control and professionalism it is advised to encourage instant conversation communication via your website, to remove the potential for visitors to become distracted by other activities.

What is your opinion on instant conversation and its important to business’ operating in the built environment? Do you already adopt these services on your site and what response do you get, or has your business already taken the decision not to include them on your site and why? Let me know your thoughts below:

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