In a world dominated by social media a GIF can be great way to capture the minds of audience set on flicking rapidly through news feeds. Insulation GIFs, are relatively uncommon but they are a really standout feature in feeds dominated by text and static images.

Insulation GIFs

Let’s say you have a video clip of your insulation product being laid, installed or rolled out. Well without too much fuss you can use free online tool like ezgif to turn the video into a gif.

Why turn the video clip into a GIF?

  • MOST importantly an Insulation GIF will begin to play in someones Twitter feed without them needing to click play. This significantly enhances the chances of catching the eye.
  • Through compression and cutting down to a reasonable size (using ezgif) you can significantly reduce the size of your video
  • The compression and immediate play are ideal for smartphone users on a set data plan. High resolution video would eat heavily into the viewers data allowance.
  • Continuous loop – this feature is the icing on the cake for insulation GIFs. Unlike video the GIF will continue to play as long as it is visible on screen. So even if you a really short clip, a cleverly edited GIF can look as if it is a lot longer. Insulation products could appear to roll in and out, or be installed multiple times, when in fact it’s only happening once. This repetition is addictive to watch and you can’t ask for more than seeing your product being installed OVER and Over again.

How we have used Insulation GIFs

At Insulate Network we have used Insulation GIFs to great effect during the launch of each issue of our magazine.

By taking a high resolution video clip, we have been able to covert it into a GIF that immediately starts and shows the pages of the magazine being flicked through.

The dynamic nature of the GIF jumps out compared to other content in the feed, improving the opportunity for your audience to stop and view it.

Create Your Own Insulation GIFs

As you can see it’s easy and instantly rewarding to give Insulation GIFs a try.

All it takes is a short compelling video clip and a bit of editing and you can begin to start catching the eye of an audience adamant on continuously flicking through their twitter feeds.

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