Social Media Matters

Are you one of those people that doesn’t see the point in promoting your business on social media?

Maybe you’ve tried it, put a link or two on Twitter, Linkedin or Facebook to get approximately zero clicks.

“What a waste if time” is probably what you are thinking.

The truth is, if you only intend to engage with social media now and again it IS a waste of time.

With so many others competing for time and headspace, you can’t surely expect to be noticed in such a busy environment.

The thing is social media matters and here’s why:

  • People spend a significant part of their working lives on and through social media, sharing and communicating on platforms such as Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter. Appearing in their social media is a great way to enter their mindset.
  • Being present on social media frequently keeps your business and brand in the spotlight
  • Has the potential to generates new business with existing and new customers.

Social Media Strategy

The key to success in social media is consistency, showing up time and time and again.

By maintaing the flow of quality content to your social media accounts you will begin to drive traffic into your website and get eyes on your business.

It might be just a few clicks and shares, but this can lead to more people seeing you products and services, increasing the potential to generate genuine business enquiries.

You target audience may have overlooked your first 20 tweets, but the 21st may actually grab their attention.

Without the first 20 messages that showed your logo and company name in their social media feeds they would never have engaged with you.

By consistently putting your business in front of your target audience through social media, you increase the chances of your customer engaging with your content or considering you when they require your services.

Pressing the Digital Flesh

As much as face-to-face communication is still hugely important, pressing the digital flesh via social media fills in the gaps.

Let us say you just had a meeting with someone regarding the sale of your products or services.

The meeting went well and you are confident you will land the deal.

You spend the entirety of the next two weeks waiting to hear back.

In the two weeks you were idol, a competitor who’s offer wasn’t as good as yours posted several articles on social media.

The customer sees each of the companies Linkedin/twitter posts that outline the business’ credentials or showcases a project.

Despite the superiority of your offer, the customer chooses the competitor.


The competitors social media messages kept the companies brand in the customers mindset and the showcased project really highlighted the quality of the competitors services.

Even if your projects and business are better, the customer isn’t aware as he hasn’t seen any messages from you.

With or without an initial face-to-face meeting, your competitor is one step ahead if their brand, products and projects keep appearing on social media and yours doesn’t.

Missed Opportunities

Failing to have a presence on social media represents missed opportunities. You are missing the opportunity to showcase your products, services and business credentials to a valuable audience.

Social media can be time consuming but specialist social media automation and graphics design tools can enable you to represent your business professionally and consistently on all social media channels without significant investment of time and money.

Do you need support with your business’ social media presence? Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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