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E-commerce optimises the shopping experience, enables your business to operate 24/7 and opens the door of your business to a world of new customers. It’s no surprise that many business’ are making the move from the high street to online. At JStreet Creative we were tasked with implementing e-commerce functionality into an existing website, to allow customers to purchase products online. Here’s a look at how we rebuilt the UFH Supplies website to provide an excellent online shopping experience.

Online Security

Before implementing e-commerce functionality, our first task was to install an SSL certificate (https://) for the domain, to enable secure online transactions to be completed on the website. SSL certificates are recommended for all types of website including e-commerce to give visitors better security and improve the sites search rankings.

Web Design Revamp

With this essential security step completed we focused on creating a better website experience for users through a cleaner more engaging interface. As Google now index’s the mobile version of websites, special attention was taken to ensure the website was fully responsive, fast loading and well designed for use on mobile devices . Efforts were made to integrate the UFH Supplies branding throughout the design, resulting in regular use of the companies orange, blue and red colour scheme. A clear menu and images of consumers enjoying the benefits of underfloor heating, were other touches that were introduced to provide a more user friendly website experience.

Online chat functionality was also implemented to allow customers to speak to the UFH Supplies team before making a purchase, another great way to enhance trust and credibility.

The ramped UFH Supplies website, featuring careful attention to branding and showcasing the products available to purchase online

E-Commerce Functionality

E-commerce functionality was required for the clients range of electric underfloor heating mats and kits (Electrotherm). Using the popular WooCommerce tool for WordPress, pages were created for each of the Electrotherm products. Each were setup to enable visitors to select the exact mat size they required for their floor. Product pages were designed with careful consideration to the branding guidelines we had already created for the Electrotherm product range. It was important to be consistent with the use of colours and logos to enhance the products credibility and enhance the sales opportunity. With the product pages completed website visitors were able to purchase online using their chosen payment method. We also introduced a coupon functionality, where customers would receive 5% off their purchase when a discount code was entered at checkout.

Website visitors can now purchase Electrotherm kits and mats from the website

E-Commerce is the Future

The introduction of E-commerce functionality has enabled UFH Supplies to begin selling their products online for the first time and opened their business to a much bigger audience. Could you website or business benefit from offering your customers e-commerce and online shopping functionality? Speak to us today and we help your business to even more customers.

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