To capture the eye on social media, you can’t just post about something once and hope your audience comes flooding in. At Insulate we inflict maximum impact on twitter as part of our launch marketing efforts.

With every issue of Insulate Magazine, we deliver a well co-ordinated social media campaign to stimulate interest in the next issue prior to launch, at launch, immediately after launch and the window of opportunity there after. Here’s a run through:

The Foundation Tweet:

Showing the front cover and release date notifies our audience about the forthcoming release

Magazine Topic Teaser Tweets

Making our audience aware of what’s to come, not only gives them something to look forward to but also encourages our content providers to alert their followers as well. Here’s how we highlighted the National Insulation Association’s feature in the magazine:

This leveraging process is adopted for all contributors with that aim to get as much awareness for the magazine as possible.

Alternative Tweets

Adopting a different style of image, seeks to capture our audiences interest while retaining the message and purpose of the tweet. The intended effect is to act as a continuous reminder of the imminent launch.

Launch Day Tweet

A new image and message aligned with the launch seeks to and encourage audiences to read the publication

Content Teaser Tweets

A small caption of the magazines article text is displayed with a relevant image. Encouraging re-shares from the article author, to create further awareness and sharing. As with the topic teaser tweets (above) during pre-launch this process is adopted for all contributors.

By re-packaging the core content (the issue of insulate magazine) we can continue to drive extremely valuable traffic to the publication for an extended period.

This process not only serves to notify our existing audience, but can massively increase the reach of publication leading to new subscribers and brand new audiences through the shares and likes received.

Your Launch Marketing

Has your business got a launch on the horizon and you want to utilise the power of twitter? Here’s a recap on the approach we use and how you can re-master it for your own purposes.

  • Achieving the desired levels of traffic endorsement from social media promotion of your new content is only achieved by a relentless yet strategic approach.
  • Use different types of content, including text, images and video to keep your audience motivated and stimulated by your upcoming release.
  • Keep tweets looking fresh and different, but don’t neglect your brand or dilute the message or stray to far from theme of the content.
  • Repetition of the same content on different days may not be viewed positively by your audience, try to repeat content on different days at different times when your content is likely to be viewed by different people.
  • Retain brand consistency, relevance and quality throughout all of your other marketing messages via your website, email and offline activity to strengthen credibility, anticipation and gain better results on release and the days following.
  • Where applicable leverage partners, colleagues and associates to further extend the reach and impact when launch day arrives.

I hope these examples of how we have used social media to effectively promote the launch of insulate magazine, inspires you to make maximum use of the marketing tool as part of your launch marketing campaigns.

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