A “FREE How to Guide” will help your business generate more leads and enhance the profile of your business as an expert in the construction Industry.

Is your construction business website doing enough to capture high quality business leads?

Are people visiting your website, but leaving without making contact resulting in you missing out on valuable sales opportunities?

It is time for your construction business to consider offering a free guide to its customers when they arrive on your website.

What is a Free Guide or Lead Generation Magnet?

A free guide or lead generation magnet document is a downloadable guide that your website visitors will receive in return for providing their contact details (email address/name).

The subject of the guide is normally focused around the type of business the website is associated with and it normally contains “How to…” content.

Here is an image of the How to Guide we offer on JStreet Creative as example:

Construction Marketer 20 page guide free to subscribe today

The content of the guide must represent value to the website visitor to encourage them to provide their details.

A poor irrelevant guide is unlikely to encourage people to subscribe.

Business’  typical resources such as brochures and literature don’t represent attractive lead generation magnets, as visitors will expect to have access to this information without providing any contact information at all.

Typically the opportunity to receive the free guide will appear 10-30 seconds after someone has arrived on your website, or as they are about the exit:

Free Guide Sign Up Form example

Opportunities to sign up for the free guide would also appear in the sidebar, to maximise the opportunity for business’ to sign up.

The “How to Guide” is also a great document to promote via social media, email or even post to existing clients to ensure your business is in their decision making process.

Why a Free Guide and Lead Generation Magnet Makes Sense

Offering your potential customers a free resource in return for their email address, is a great way to build up credible leads for your construction business.

You have gone to great lengths via online and offline marketing and sales efforts to get visitors to your website, convert them in to leads more effectively with a free guide.

Here are selection of reasons why a free guide or lead generation magnet works for your business:

  • Enhance the credibility of your construction business
  • Maximise the opportunity to capture leads with a softer approach to your sales activities
  • Be viewed as an expert/authority in your field
  • A free guide is a pro-active marketing activity, that is less dependent on the customer making contact
  • Make your website work for you
  • A free guide is a long term marketing resource you can continue to promote

Get Your Guide with Us

At JStreet Creative we are able to design and create free guides and lead generation magnets that will support your construction business goals. Designed and written by our team, and tailored round a specific topic applicable to your business our “free how-to guides” are a great resource to springboard your construction business to greater success and generate more valuable leads.

Find out more about our “How to guides” and “Lead generation tools” here:

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