Social media is an unavoidable digital marketing tool that business’ in the built environment are trying to master. Juggling between whether the time to engage via the platform is merited, to the consequences of having no presence at all is a bit mind boggling. Whether your construction business is just starting out on social, or has been using the channel for a while it can be a challenge to maintain the required motivation.

Micro-influencers may be the solution to satisfy your social media expectations and give your business that initial route in to a more engage social media platform.

Micro Influencers Construction Marketing

“Micro-Influencers” is a phrase that has been formed as a consequence of the massive success of social media. Channels such as facebook, instagram and Twitter have enabled anybody to generate significant fan and follower bases who they frequently have contact with. The followers are fans of the content they share, which gives them a significant degree of power and influence on those peoples lives. With the majority of people captivated by their smartphones, micro influencers are able to capture the attention of a scrolling society. A luxury that many construction business’ may be struggling to achieve in the hectic social media environment.

Business’ working in the Construction Industry eager to engage more on these platforms would be wise to consider Micro-Influencers as a genuine route in and a fantastic leverage opportunity. Micro-Influencers generally have a relatively small following (2,000 – 100,000) compared to traditional influencers (100,000-15 million) but it is their expertise in a specific field that really sets them apart. A recent study identified that micro-influencers niche audiences enabled them to achieve almost three times the engagement with their followers when compared with traditional celebrity, tv and sport star influencers. In addition another study also found that 40% of social media users had purchased a product or service as a result of an influencer’s promotion.

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Identifying Micro-Influencers in Construction

For construction business’ to achieve success they need to be meticulous in identifying the right micr0-influencers, whose audience meet specific demographic requirements. Searching for individuals on each social media channel may provide an immediate solution. Alternatively  Traakr and Upfluence are great online tools that identify the most influential social media users with power and influence in a specific industry. 

Benefits to Construction Business’

For many construction business’ the objection to social media is a lack of response and sales. Whilst sales opportunities do exist and the awareness and brand building potential can lead to long term benefits, micro-influencers represents one of the most feasible routes for construction business’ to achieve a genuine return.

From experience social media is especially tough for less attractive industries, but micro-influencers may be the ultimate route for construction business’ to achieve genuine success. Your selected micro-influencers will be perfectly placed in from of a captive audience eager to receive the next update featuring the installation, application or demonstration of your construction product or service. 

Does your business already use micro-influencers to promote your construction business products or services? Or are you still skeptical about its suitability as a reputable and sustainable form of promotion. Please leave your comments in the thoughts below.

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