Welcome to the Third Dimension

This time last year my work was largely two dimensional, but it has been exciting to learn new skills, work with new clients and enter the third dimension with 3D models and technical drawings.

It has been great 3D modelling and rendering technical drawings for clients this year. Previously a large portion of my work has been 2D, but one of my clients required 3D models to be created to show how their products look when installed on floors. Not one to turn down a challenge, I decided it was time to turn my hand to 3D modelling.

3D Technical Drawings

The client required 3D models, showing various acoustic and underfloor heating products installed on different floor types. So with Sketchup at my disposal I set up to the task at hand. Here’s an example of the first technical drawings produced using Sketchup:

Not bad.
Designed to the exact millimetre the above graphic shows a perfectly proportioned cross section of an acoustic floor board laid on an I-joist floor. Certainly an improvement on 2D Graphics.

Visual Upgrade

Whilst the technical drawing above is accurate they lack the photo realistic appearance I want to offer my client. The models lack texture and shadows to make them look real. Using V-ray for Sketchup I was able to start adding realistic textures and lighting to really bring the models to life.
Here’s how it turned out:

The end result are super realistic technical drawings that brings all aspects of the floor build up to life. The rendered 3D models look far more professional and give greater credibility to the products than 2D drawings.

A Game Changer

The 3D models helped make the clients technical datasheets look highly professional, there website look even more impressive and all of their marketing collateral very eye catching. Through offering this new skill, I’ve been able to enhance all of the work I’ve produced for my client and can continue to offer to them and other clients in the future.

Take the Challenge

It’s been exciting to learn something new that compliments my other marketing and design skills. What’s holding you back from learning a new skill? No time? Too much risk? Take the challenge, develop a new dimension and start enjoying the rewards of your new talent.

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