It’s a noisy place marketing.

If you went out into a busy high street and shouted something really loud, I’m confident people would look across and give you a strange look.

Imagine doing the exact same thing on social media, on your website, in a magazine or even right inside someones email inbox.

There’s a strong chance (other than possibly email) no one would blink, within reason we can shout as much as we want and nobody would care.

a strange look” in the noisy online marketing space would almost be seen as a success.

When people sit at their computers or look at their smartphones, they are capable of blocking out everything, even marketing messages right in front of them.

Music to your ears you might be thinking but as a business or a marketer this a BIG PROBLEM.

Receiving “impressions” for our messages is okay, but It’s really important to get our customers to truly interact with our messages.

We crave the click-through and share and see them as  the symbol of genuine interaction on social media, email, blogs and youtube to name a few.

Noise Cancelling Marketing

How can marketers conduct their marketing work and cancel out the noise?

There is no simple answer, but there is a greater opportunity to achieve noise cancelling marketing if:

  1. There is a clearly defined marketing strategy in place
  2. We are 100% clear on who our target market is and where they are most active
  3. Our marketing materials and branding are of an excellent standard
  4. We time our marketing campaigns effectively
  5. Efforts are continuously made to monitor and enhance the performance of our marketing campaigns

Why are these factors such an integral part of noise cancelling marketing?

  • Strategy provides a framework and prevents marketers wasting valuable time and resources
  • Clarity of the target market makes it easier to choose the market channels we place our marketing efforts
  • Quality marketing content is essential for any business to be taken seriously
  • Online marketing is governed by time. Twitter feeds change by the second, new emails arrive every 5 minutes. Being able to produce a piece of content at the right time (a current world issue for example) can make all the difference to how people respond to it.
  • If we don’t analyse, we will continue to make the same mistakes and will never get any value from our marketing

No Escaping the Noise

With these 5 factors in mind business’ are better equipped to block out some of the noise that is present in the marketing environment.

However, even with all the right ingredients we can’t always serve up a marketing message that will drown out the noise.

We can’t simply hope to sew our seeds in the marketing jungle on a single occasion.

No matter how perfectly we think we have timed, targeted and tailored our messages to perfection.

Instead we need to keep improving our seeds and sewing them in just the right place at just the right time and eventually our efforts will start to get the response they deserve.

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