Electrotherm Brand Identity

UFH Supplies are leading supplier of underfloor heating and cooling products. They came to us to create a new brand identity for a range of electric underfloor heating mats and kits to help them achieve growth in this market. The project required a logo and a range of technical data sheets that would represent the product range on their website and other promotional channels.

Creating the Logo

When approaching the logo and branding for Electrotherm, our aim was to create a brand identity that positioned the product range at the top of the market. The logo had to build consumer confidence, enhance credibility and encompass the key features of the product.

Here’s some of the factors that influenced the final logo design:

Colour plays an important role in creating a credible brand identity, so we focused on creating a clear connection between the colour scheme and the product range to make the logo more identifiable to potential customers. As a consequence orange and red were selected as they are both strongly associated with heating and warmth.

The Typography for the logo was also fundamental to the overall logo design and brand identity. As an electrical product, it was determined that the font should be modern and be in sync with the high-tech properties of the products. To achieve this a font with sharp edges and modern curves was adopted.

Shapes were also introduced into the logo design to strengthen the logo designs links to the products themselves. The red dot inside the “o” was introduced to represent electrical power, and give the impression of being switched on. The “e” inside the orange circle, is the brands symbol that can be used on its own or as part of the whole logo. The way the centre of the “e” flows out of the orange circle, is meant to symbolise an electrical connection, another feature of electric underfloor heating mats.

The Design Process

Before reaching the final logo design, various design concepts were produced for the client to consider.

Reaching the final logo design and brand identity, included an extensive design process, involving the creation of multiple logos around the product features and product positioning. Each logo design implemented the key aspects associated with the Electrotherm product range, but through careful discussion with the client and weighing up each designs commercial appeal we were able to reach the final design:

The final Electrotherm logo design

Technical Literature

With the core of the brand identity established through the logo design, we were then able to move on to integrating this into a new range of technical data sheets. The purposed of these datasheets is to present detailed product descriptions, physical properties and technical information to potential customers. This process involved expanding on many of the features of the logo. The typography from the logo has been adopted for the headings throughout the datasheets. The orange from the logo has also be adopted throughout. Modern icons and symbols (under key benefits) have also been designed to continue with modern and high-tech theme of the brand. The consistent use of fonts and colour schemes is fundamental in establishing Electrotherm’s distinctive brand identity.

A New Identity

The success of the branding and logo design for Electrotherm is achieved from paying careful attention to the main features of the product itself. With this knowledge we can then consider suitable colour schemes, typography and shapes that can best represent this brand and product range. By focusing on what the product does, we have been able to create a brand identity that perfectly symbolises the key aspects of the product range and creates the opportunity for success in the market.

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