Resonate Systems is a soundproofing and underfloor heating manufacturer based in Leicester, UK. They specialise in low profile acoustic flooring and underfloor heating boards.

Branding, Web and Graphics Design

JStreet Creative we were delighted to be given the responsibility of assisting Resonate Systems with their branding, web and graphics design requirements. As a start up business, it was our mission to work with the Resonate team to deliver a complete web and graphic design service. We are delighted with the end product, to see it for yourself visit the Resonate Systems Ltd website here.

Resonate Systems Logo and Branding

Blue, gold and white was the colour palette requested by Resonate Systems. After a series of drafts and discussions adopting this theme, we were delighted to produce the new Resonate Systems logo:

Resonate Systems Logo

The final logo was designed to incorporate the products offered by Resonate. The fading yellow bars signified the reduction of sound associated with acoustic insulation and the transmission of heat as a result of underfloor heating. The intention was to provide a professional logo that was immediately eye catching and was able to withstand the test of time.

Product Range Branding

In addition to the main company logo, we were tasked with creating brand identities for the entire resonate product range. This included logo design and consultation on name selection.

With the Resonate team we identified the benefit of incorporating “Reso” as part of the entire range. This would help to identify each of the products as a member of the Resonate range. Product names included “ResoTherm” (thermal insulation), “ResoDeck” (a chip based acoustic floor board) and “ResoBar” (acoustic resilient bars).

“Reso” incorporated in Resonate product range

It was recognised that some of Resonate’s products required more unique names and branding. The floor board range for acoustic/ufh applications was named “GYPDECK” to incorporate the composition of the product and its intended application. Similarly, “HEATDECK” was identified as the ideal name for the routed underfloor heating range of floor boards. The name underlined the products application on floors (deck) and it’s key benefit of heating.

Technical Literature Design

A complete portfolio of technical data sheets and brochure were required to support the Resonate product range. The task was to design data sheets that were clear and highly informative. As with most construction products the data sheets had to incorporate extensive technical information.

Product Focused Data Sheets

The data sheets adopted a product lead approach, where the key benefits, dimensions, descriptions and images were placed at the front. The latter pages held the technical data and drawings. This product lead approach was adopted to appeal to a broader market, whether the reader had little or extensive knowledge of the insulation they would be able to learn something about the Resonate product range.

Symbols and Colour Schemes

When designing the technical data sheets it was important to make it easy to recognise whether the products were intended for soundproofing of underfloor heating purposes. This was achieved by the use of symbols, colour schemes and section dividers throughout. The effectiveness of this approach is most evident in the Resonate Technical Brochure.

Resonate Web Site Design

The focus of the Resonate web site was to further enhance the style that had been adopted throughout the logo and technical data sheet design. It was important to create synergy and enhance user confidence. To address this the colour scheme and overall branding style was carried across to great effect.

Call to Action and User Experience

Throughout the design process there was a focus on the Call to action (COA) and the user experience. With websites being accessed more on mobile devices the emphasis was on creating a responsive web site experience that was easy to navigate on desktop, phones and tablets.

Key Information

The end product is a website experience that allows visitors to access key information through various methods. If customers are aware of the Resonate product range, construction type or intended application it is easy to for visitors to find the information they need. There are also various touch points for visitors to contact the Resonate team. You can experience the Resonate Systems website for yourself here.

The Resonate Systems website is easy to navigate on desktop, mobile and tablet

Complete Creativity

The Resonate Systems project represents a complete showcase of the extensive professional services we offer at Jstreet Creative. Encompassing branding, logos, web and graphics design, we are delighted to have supported Resonate Systems in every aspect of their marketing needs. If you business needs could benefit from our extensive services
contact us here.

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