Sensational Subject Lines for Start Ups

Can you see what I did?

Sounds a bit more exciting than simply “Subject Lines” doesn’t it?

Sensational subject lines are great, but what is in it for the reader?

Are they interested or searching specifically for marketing subject lines? No is probably the answer.

6  Simple Steps to Sensational Subject Lines for start ups” creates a whole no proposition.

6  simple steps to” immediately informs potential readers that all it takes is 6 easy steps within this article to achieve “sensational marketing subject lines” and we have identified our audience, “for start ups”.

We have created a valuable and educational resource for our designated reader, that is short and easy to follow.

That’s what got you hooked into reading this post anyway didn’t it?

Subject Lines for Start Ups

Such is the power of a play on words, that we can suddenly turn what may seem like a relatively standard subject in to something more exciting.

So exciting that a great headline can result in as much as 500% uplift in response rate.

Given the fast moving nature of modern communication (social media, blogs and more), it is important to do everything at your disposal to grab the attention of your audience.

It is fair to say construction products and services don’t sit at the top of most shared, or the most captivating. However, via compelling marketing subject lines you can significantly enhance the chances of success.

The same applies for all industries, the subject line is the hook that creates curiosity, interest and excitement. It is key to encourage readers to open the door and discover more about your brand, business or interest.

A Masterclass in Marketing Subject Lines for Start Ups

High impact subject lines are ideal for various content marketing situations:

  • The title of the blog post – As this is the entry point to your website, this subject line is the most important of all
  • Email subject titles – Inbox’s are full of emails, the subject title needs to stand out for the email to deserve being opened. You have done the hard work of getting subscribers, don’t mess up with poor subject titles.
  • Titles in brochures, magazines and printed marketing materials – Business’ and brands want people to engage with all of their content, subject lines can help enhance the potential to find out more.
  • Social tweets – Getting click throughs to your website is tricky business on social media, an eye catching subject title can make all the difference to shares, likes and click throughs.

Here are some examples of where we have put this practice to good work on this website

A How to Resource 

The 3 Keys of Construction Industry Content Marketing

Let’s break the subject line down into the “6 simple steps to sensational subject lines

  1. Three – In the number is an indication of how much effort is required by the reader. The less the better.
  2. Keys – Not as captivating as “sensational” or as obvious as “steps” but still highlights the importance
  3. Subject area –  We know what the article is about Construction Industry Content marketing
  4. Packaged Together – “The 3 keys of Construction Industry Content Marketing” informs the audience that the content is informative and educations “the 3 keys” based on the construction industry and specifically relates to content marketing
  5. The Content – The content behind the subject lines meets reader expectations, failure to do so and the whole process and credibility falls a part
  6. Data Capture – Having delivered on all aspects from subject to content, business’ should take every opportunity to capture reader details for future email communications.

A Source of Information

Can you see the obvious difference with the twitter post title style compared, to the subject of the website post?

Without steps it is clear the content is not designed to act as a guide, for the reader to act upon. It is simply created to inform the reader, rather than being a how-to resource.

Ask A Question 

Is Your Construction Website Mobile-First Ready?

Alternatively a business may choose a title that asks the audience a question, to create fear and uncertainty to encourage them to click through to the post to find out more. This tactic can be highly effective, but it may reduce click potential as the audience can already confidently say “no” in response to the question or it may appear as a shrewd sales tactic.

Each method is appealing, but identifies how we can create different types of content around the same subject to meet different audience expectations. How-to, educational and question based subject lines are some of the best types of content a business can create for generating business leads.

Social Media Marketing Subject Lines for Start Ups

Social media gives business’ the opportunity to share the same content in multiple ways. We can change the marketing subject line and image, to create the perception of new content when we are simply communicating the same knowledge in a different way.

It allows business’ to recycle their best content to maximise exposure to their existing audiences and capture the interest of new readers.

In the example above we might consider changing the subject title to:

Social Media is insignificant, Here are 12 reasons construction business’ should focus on email capture

This title is certain to raise some eyebrows, but certainly puts an interesting new angle on what the content of the post is trying to communicate.

Blog posts, email campaigns and printed literature don’t offer the same flexibility as social media to create captivating marketing subject lines. Business’ should push their creative boundaries to really take advantage of social medias potential.

Subject Lines that Stay on Point

In a marketing environment where every click counts, it is tempting to cave in and try and cash in with marketing subject lines that do little for your brand and business as a whole. To best serve your audience, make sure your subject lines offer more than click bait and the content within meets and exceeds the audience to keep them truly engaged.

Marketing Your Business.

Subject lines can clearly be used in various scenarios and utilised in different ways across the marketing channels available. Is your business utilising its content effectively across all of its marketing communications? Or simply going for a blanket approach time and again to limited effect? Contact me for dedicated advice on how your marketing efforts can be enhanced significantly through subject lines suited to all your marketing activities.

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