When it comes to sharing content on social media the prospect of having enough to say can get a bit overwhelming. 

You may only have one new insulation product page or press release to share and you don’t want to send your audience to sleep by posting it out over and over again.

A trick we like to use over at Insulate Network specifically on our twitter account is to shake up our tweets and give the impression the content is freshly squeezed.

Follow the twitter stream below to see how we did it:

PHASE 1: Below is the initial post of a recent news story, published directly from our website. It ticks all the boxes in terms of image, use of @ to increase share potential with partners , #hashtags and the link to the post itself.

PHASE 2: The post we were driving traffic to remained the same, but using a neat design tool (Canva) we included an extract from the post, placed new images, included the twitter handles of the companies in the tweet.

PHASE 3/4/5/6: We repeated this process several times to great effect

PHASE 7: To really utilise not just the post content but the graphics we had created, we made a short video to pull everything together. Pretty smart.

“Freshly” Squeezed Content

As you can see Social Media is a great way to squeeze every last ounce of juicy goodness out of your best content. Turn that insulation brochure, product press release or case study into a fresh glass of knowledge with a new image, headline, and text.

To get all the essential goodness from your post make sure your share each with your partners, who will share content that looks new and informative.

Recycle your Social Media

At this point you might feel that you have got the maximum out of that piece of content. Think again.

The good and the bad side of using twitter as a marketing channel is that the response to your content can vary based on the time of day or the day of the week.

This time element makes it a lot more acceptable to share previous tweets again later in the week, or month and give the perception of sharing something new with a different or a timely reminder to those who may have overlooked it the first time.

Hopefully these tips will give your some inspiration on how to give the perception of “freshly squeezed” to your existing insulation collateral. Use this process time and again to raise your business profile and the awareness of your most valuable content.

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